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Answers To Questions About Common Air Conditioner Problems

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Air conditioning systems can be a common feature for many homes, but you may have a limited understanding about these systems. As a result, you might find yourself struggling to address some of the fairly routine problems that these systems might encounter over the time that you own them. Luckily, you may find that learning the answers to the following few questions will help you to be prepared to avoid or address these issues.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Getting Louder?

Your air conditioner will always make some amount of sound when it is in operation, but there can be instances where these sounds may increase in volume. When you notice that your system is gradually getting louder, it is critical to have it examined as soon as possible. These sounds can indicate a major mechanical malfunction is about to happen, such as the fan belt snapping or the system suffering damage from a lack of lubrication. By having these problems repaired before they can worsen, you may be able to greatly limit the costs and disruption involved with repairing the problem.

Can You Hide Your Air Conditioner Behind Shrubs?

There are many homeowners that may not care to have a very visible air conditioning unit in their yard. While this is an understandable concern, you should be aware of the dangers of placing shrubbery too close to the air conditioner. When these systems are in operation, they can create a powerful vacuum that can pull in leaves and branches from plants that are too close. This debris can cause the system to jam and it can restrict the flow of air into the unit. You will need to make sure you keep your plants at least several feet from the unit to help minimize this risk.

Do Air Conditioners Really Need Annual Service Visits?

Yearly service visits can be essential for ensuring that your air conditioner lasts for as long as possible. During these visits, your air conditioner technician will make sure that the moving parts of the system are properly lubricated and aligned. Without these services, the mechanical parts would likely suffer unnecessary wear and tear that could cause them to malfunction. For those that are forgetful about having this routine maintenance done, many air conditioner contractors offer reminder services for their customers. By receiving reminder phone calls, letters or emails, you can make sure that you remember to schedule having this essential work done. Click here to learn more about A/C installation services.