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Using Reviews To Find Your Replacement Garbage Disposal

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So you've had your favorite appliance repair technician come out and check out your garbage disposal and he or she told you that it has seen better days. You are given the cost of repairs and told that you would be better off investing in a new, more efficient model. How do you go about finding the garbage disposal that will replace the old one you relied on so much? You read reviews! But, how do you know what information in those reviews is actually helpful in finding the unit that will hold up for many years? Below, you will find several things to look for in the reviews to assist in finding a new, reliable garbage disposal.

Do you have a septic system?

If you have a septic system, the first thing to look for is a unit that is septic-system ready. Septic-ready disposals have built in features that add natural microorganisms into the waste being washed down the garbage disposal. These do cost more than the traditional unit, but it will help to protect your septic system from failure over the years.

What under-counter connections do you have?

The power outlet and the plumbing fixtures will have to match up to the existing outlets and fixtures under your sink. If the unit you find doesn't match up perfectly, you will need to purchase an additional installation kit to get everything lined up and working properly.

How much noise can you handle?

If the noise level of the unit matters to you, look for a unit that is reviewed to have little noise. Your first thought may be that smaller units would emit smaller amounts of noise, but in reality, the larger units are typically quieter than the smaller ones. Larger units are usually built a little better, with insulation and soundproofing materials around them to reduce the amount of noise you hear when they are being used.

How much power does your garbage disposal need?

The amount of horsepower that the unit has will make a difference in how well it performs. If you grind food scraps, like bones, often, you need to find a disposal with a higher amount of horsepower. The lower horsepower units aren't made to grind up bones and things of the like – they are meant more for your average food waste and nothing more. Failure to choose a unit with enough horsepower will result in a clogged unit and inadequate grinding.

Talk with an appliance technician like Collier County Appliance Service, Inc. to learn more about choosing the best garbage disposal for your home. He or she will be able to assist you in coming to the best final decision about the one that will serve your needs for the next several years.