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Three Ways To Maximize The Life Of Your Clothes Dryer

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When your clothes dryer breaks down, arranging a visit from a licensed appliance repair person can have your problem solved in short order. This quick solution is handy, of course, unless you're intrigued by the idea of running clothes lines throughout your home and drying your clothing that way. Once your dryer is fixed, and depending on the nature of the initial problem, the repair person might give you some tips about how to use it in the future to maximize its life. Either way, there are a handful of valuable steps you can take to ensure your machine lasts as long as possible. Here are three that are useful.

Vacuum The Machine Clean

Most people know the importance of cleaning out the dryer's lint trap before each use, but every time you remove the trap, some pieces of lint escape out of view into the machine. Over time, these small bits of lint can build up and clog the machine. The result might not be noticeable, but the dryer will be working harder to pass air, which can prematurely age it. You should be cleaning your dryer ducts every six months, so set some time aside at this time to vacuum around the dryer's lint trap with a wand attachment.

Don't Overload The Dryer

It's tempting to fill the dryer's drum excessively when you're eager to get your clothing dried quickly. The reality is that a full dryer will take longer to dry your clothes. Additionally, the extra bulk inside the drum will put more strain on the machine, which can shorten its lifespan. Consult the dryer's manual carefully to understand exactly to what degree you should add clothing. It's better to do two smaller, shorter loads than one overloaded, long drying cycle.

Keep The Dryer Level

If you find that your dryer makes a significant amount of noise while it's running, there's a good chance that it's not sitting level. Most dryers are equipped with adjustable feet, meaning you can make a few turns to one or more of the feet to get the appliance sitting level. Use a level, placed across the top of the dryer, to test your work. A dryer that isn't level will vibrate more than it should during the drying cycle, and vibration is detrimental to any type of machine with moving parts, as it can wear elements and loosen them. Keeping the dryer as level as possible is a simple way to maximize its life.

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