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Three Ways To Prevent A Premature Washing Machine Breakdown

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Keeping the name and phone number of a trusted appliance-repair service on hand can help you get through an untimely breakdown of any appliance in your home, but it's also smart to take steps that can help to prolong the life of each of your appliances. If you aren't actively taking care to ensure the smooth, healthy operation of your washing machine, you might be calling a repair service sooner than you think. Taking proper care of your washing machine doesn't require a significant amount of technical know-how; instead, it's simply a matter of performing some specific tasks that can keep the machine running healthily for as long as possible. Here's what you can do.

Ensure That It's Level

Listen carefully when your washing machine begins its spin cycle. If you can clearly hear that the spinning is causing the machine to vibrate and rattle, you might be looking at a repair job on the sooner side. Anytime a machine vibrates excessively, it's at risk of parts loosening and wearing out. Fortunately, you can avoid the risk of such issues by leveling the machine. When it's empty, take a look at the adjustable feet and turn the foot that looks lower than the others so it brings the machine to level. You'll be able to tell if you've done the job by the lack of rattle during future spinning cycles.

Open It When Not In Use

While your washing machine technically won't break down when you leave it closed when it's not in use, the interior can fail to ever get fully dry. Over time, this means that it's common for mildew to grow, which can make the machine smell and have you calling a repair service to replace some of the components. If you don't have young children at home, get in the habit of leaving the machine door or lid open between use. Doing so will allow the interior to dry off and inhibit mildew growth.

Respect Load Levels

It can always be tempting to sneak more clothing into a washing load to avoid having to do a subsequent load later on, but overcrowding the washing machine does more than just prevent your clothes from getting adequately cleaned. An overcrowded load also puts strain on your machine, which can cause the motor components to burn out prematurely. Check the manual to determine how much you should load the machine and always take care to avoid surpassing this recommendation. Call an appliance repair shop if you suspect any issues.